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Some server details for you


  • Full cabinet at Hurricane Electric
  • Half cabinet at Above-Net (formerly MFN)
  • Half cabinet at eXchange colocation
  • Half rack at XO communications
  • Bandwidth from carriers/providers such as AT&T, Above-Net, XO, Level3, UUNet, Verio, Global Crossing and Sprint
  • In each colo, Cisco 29xx 10/100 switch with 100Mbps connection to core switching layer
  • Dozens of smaller colocation spaces located in many other major metropolitan areas in data centers chosen for their performance and resilience characteristics.

We've standardized on a dual Xeon rig for our colocated servers:

We also still have a couple of our old workhorses that are still quite capable of pumping out the packets for you. These boxes are primarily used for public servers and "utility functions" such as web hosting, voice chat servers, FTP servers, etc.

As you can see, we don't skimp on hardware or facilities. There is no sense in trying to save a few dollars on a server when it will cost us in the long run in terms of longevity, performance and, most importantly, credibility.


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